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    A family getaway home with eclectic pieces and exotic dA�cor from around the world

    Located on the outskirts of the city, on the Mysore highway, this family home is indeed a visual treat. The four bedrooms, foyer, living room, patio and kitchen, is the getaway spot of Dr Mythri Shankar, a physician in the city, and her family. And what makes this one stand out is its unique travel themes. a�?My husband, two sons and I have travelled extensively. And the idea was basically to get the kids involved and have a quirky house filled with knick knacks from our travels,a�? she shares describing this a�?very personal work-in-progressa��.

    Aptly called Solitude, this house is a mini-travel museum furnished with things that Shankar and her family have collected on their visits to countries including Tanzania, Kenya, Canada and Scandinavia.

    Garden of Eden
    The drawing room, foyer and kitchen, in beautiful hues of green, merge seamlessly into one another, while the garden itself is very Zen like, dominated by a serene Buddha. Photographs, some in striking black and white, detailing the familya��s trips, dot the walls while the wooden flooring gives it a warm, homey feel.
    The bedrooms are all differently themed, with matching curtains, rugs, linen and lampshades. a�?We worked to incorporate elements of flowers, space, jungle and under-the-sea. Some of the furnishings are hand-made. We even sewed cloth flowers on to the linen for added effect,a�? Shankar tells us, pointing out the lampshades, featuring a monkey, banana leaves forming the shade, and perfectly matched wallpaper and paintings.

    Fun factor
    Dolphins and waves dominate the under-the-sea room with aquariums that serve as bed ends and tide tables. Twinkling stars and glowing comets dot the space room while the bathroom is done up in black for a a�?black holea�� effect.
    Youa��ll feel like youa��re in a Masai Mara resort with the leopard print bed-covers and a bear skin rug, centred around her younger sona��s prized possession, a chess set from Serengeti, the pieces, all safari-based with lions as kings and monkeys as pawns. Shankara��s favourite spot is a rocking chair in the kitchen. a�?Our pride and joy is a custom-made 300-kilogram brass abhisheka set,a�? beams Shankar.
    Details: solitudeatthe20thhole.

    a��Aakanksha Devi
    Image courtesy: Hema Narayanan



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