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    Turkish chandeliers and quirky metal garden furniture are a big draw at Mi Casa, the new home dA�cor store.

    INDULGEMICASA23DESPITE the traffic on Casa Major Road, one cannot miss the freshly-painted red brick bungalow that now houses the latest dA�cor store in town. Owned by husband and wife duo, Sumant (45) and Namrata Dhawan (40), the moment you enter the gates you are greeted with rustic aluminum-finished outdoor chairs that look like upturned metal vats with backrests. a�?Though ita��s been four years since Ia��ve been toying with the idea of a dA�cor store, it was only when I was renovating my own home that I realised the dearth of interesting artifacts in the city,a�? says Namrata, a JBAS alumnus. The week-old store is filled with fascinating curiosities, including chandeliers and coasters from Turkey, vintage-finished wooden artifacts, agate paperweights and wall art from Taiwan.

    Metal rich
    Having travelled across and outside the country,A�A�A� Namrata has curated the collection. She also has her own karigars in Rajasthan, Delhi and Kolkata for the wood, metal and glass pieces, like the cheese board and the bar tray. a�?I can give you options in colours and bolts in my collection of trunks,a�? says Namrata, who is awaiting a batch of wood and metal chests (Rs 3,500 each) from her workshop in Bengaluru.A� The curatora��s fascination for heavy brass is evident. I notice intricately-detailed ants (Rs 1,425) and butterflies (Rs 1,475) in the metal, that would make for perfect paper weights, but Namrata says her favourite is a set of hanging men (Rs 3,900 each). Plummeting down or climbing up, the silver-painted figures catch the eye, suspended from metal cables. a�?I really had to hunt to find a manufacturer whoa��d make it according to my specifications. These are solid brass,a�? shares the mother of 10-year-old twins, who discovered she has a flair for design when she decorated her home a decade back.

    More in store
    Namrata, who is otherwise involved in corporate gifting (since 2000) along with Sumant, is excited about the soon-to-open apparel and accessories section. a�?The stoles are exquisitea��organic cotton with vegetable dyes,a�? she says, and we find the indigo and beet shades eye-catching. The 2,400 sq ft store has a collection of embroidered leather chappals and bejewelled clutches, too. a�?I will be showcasing my own line of apparel by September. Meanwhile, on the 18th of every month, I plan to add new stocks and create interactive activities in the store,a�? she concludes. Look out for their take away counter of baked goodies coming up soon.
    From Rs 150 onwards.
    Details: 9884280316

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