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Get SET for some hard core electro house music courtesy John Dahlback, the Swedish sensation who will be spinning his vinyl in the city tomorrow with stop overs in Mumbai and Pune before and after. Part of the house movement with Axwell, Ingrosso and even Avicii, this 29-year-old originally didna��t even like the genre of music he is now synonymous with! a�?When I was around 13 years old, I hated it when I first heard it but after a while, I became almost obsessed with this music, and it was then I decided to start making my own music and focus a 100 per cent on it,a�? he shares, before he tells us more on his radio show, producing music, being an experimentalist, ahead of his Vh1 Supersonic Club Nights gig.
Describe your personal sound.
I have always believed in strong melodies, and to keep things simple. The kind of music my father used to play a�� progressive rock music a�� has inspired me a lot. His music was also based around one theme; it was often instrumental and a bit longer than the typical radio music.

Does playing instruments help when making music?
I played drums for many years, and also the piano. The piano helps me a lot in the studio because I can try out melodies and chords. And when it comes to drums it has always been important to me to have great sounding drums and a great groove.A�That’s what forms the base for a tune.

Tell us about your radio show.
I do Mutants Radio once a month now. The rest of the month, we have David Vrong (tech house) and Lunde Bros (brothers Christopher and Niklas) doing mixes. It is a lot of fun because it keeps me updated with the latest in music. I also want to make it a bit special by playing deeper stuff in the beginning, and ending it with more energy.

DJing or producing a�� which would you give up?
DJing. It would be super hard obviously, but since I started to produce music, it has become closer to my heart. Ita��s also more creative.A�I experiment a lot in the studio. I try to make different genres, and mix between them. I get bored very easily so I would hate doing the same type of track over and over again.

How difficult is it to switch the set for live gigs and nightclubs?
Ita��s fairly alike to be honest. I try to play a lot of my own music. At festivals or bigger shows, people play shorter sets so I guess I would somehow just try to pack everything important to that time.

Sneak-peek into the India gigs.
Ia��m finishing my album so Ia��m going to try out a bunch of new songs from that. Ita��s going to be such a beautiful album and Ia��m really proud of it.A�Plus, crowd-pleasers such as Bling, Hustle Up, Life, and Pyramid.

Most memorable track.
I think Everywhere. It only took one hour or so to make, but all of it just fell in place. I found the vocal, tried a bassline and everything just worked.

Let us in on a DahlbA�ck secret.
Most people dona��t really know I am a big gamer. I even play games when Ia��m in the studio!
Saturday, 8.30 pm, at blueFROG, Church Street. Tickets (Rs.700)
on bookmyshow.com
a�� Aakanksha Devi


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