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Xcode Life Sciencesa�� new programme uses your DNA to help you fight ageing

Therea��s always that one person who causes envy by looking 10 years younger than her age. While many over-the-counter creams would like to take credit, ita��s often her genes that weigh in on it. Now Xcode Life Sciences, a preventive healthcare company that opened its doors two-and-a-half years ago, is promising that advantage to you and me. a�?We have developed Come Alive, a DNA-based anti-ageing solution that will look at you at a micro level and figure out what your genes make you susceptible to. We then customise a package to counter those problems,a�? says Dr Saleem Mohammed, the CEO and a PhD in Bioinformatics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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Dr Saleem Mohammed

Dr Saleem Mohammed

As Dr S Anusha, senior nutritionist, explains, a�?When cells go about their metabolic activities, they create reactive substances that are harmful to them. These are usually countered by in-built anti-oxidant dependent defensive enzymes. However, when there is a deficit in the genes controlling these enzymes, cells cana��t react properly and ageing is accelerated.a�? Come Alive identifies where the deficit is and treats it through diet and fitness.
a�?We collect a saliva sample from the client, which is analysed to identify ageing factors like collagen formation, sun protection, antioxidant protection, glycation protection and inflammation control,a�? says Raghunathan Krish, the business head. Depending on how high or low the risk factors are, diet and fitness routines are customised. A persona��s DNA is also matched to a topical cream and facial kit that will be provided.
a�?Every client is assigned a mentor who will guide them through the process. They will get nutritional counsellinga��as to which anti-oxidant rich food to incorporate into their dieta��and also a coach who will give you a detailed fitness plan,a�? says Krish, adding that out-station clients can sign up for Come Alive online. a�?We will courier the kit to them (charges borne by the company) and nutritionists and coaches will guide them over phone and Skype calls,a�? he says.

Xcode stepped into DNA mapping with their Lifelong Wellness plan, where they assess a persona��s genetic predisposition to lifestyle conditions like heart problems and diabetes, and give genetic conselling and diet plans to avoid them. a�?We are now working on 100&Life, an initiative to improve a persona��s life expectancy by understanding his genetic profile, lifestyle habits and disease risk predisposition,a�? signs off Mohammed.
Currently, Come Alive is available for women between the ages of 26 and 55, but services for men are being researched and will be in the market soon. `4,999 plus tax, inclusive of a day cream and four facial kits. Details: xcode.in/comealive

-Surya Praphulla Kumar


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