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    The hunt for an angel gathers force, a creepy prank haunts NYC and a fairytale proposal that’s adorable

    Finding Mike
    In 2006, a man tried to kill himself when he was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, by jumping off the Waterloo Bridge in London. A random passer-by proved to be an angel in disguise and dissuaded him. Today, years later, Jonny Benjamin, an ambassador for mental illnesses, is on a hunt to find his saviour (apparently called Mike) who approached him and offered to buy him a coffee and talk. Now a viral video, flyers and the Twitterati (#FindMike) have joined forces to find the angel. Spread the word, find Mike.

    Rosemary’s baby
    New Yorkers were in for the fright of their lives with the prank of a demon baby being sprung on them. A pram was fitted with a remote-controlled baby with blood across his face, bone chilling screams and projectile vomit, and left unattended. Good Samaritans who tried to peek in to the pram were in for a shock when the demonic baby popped out. And while the video has gone viral, what most people don’t know is that the stunt was created to promote the found-footage horror film, Devil’s Due.

    Happy ending
    This was indeed a treat for those who went to watch the pantomime performance of Peter Pan at Glasgow’s Hydro. In the final song, the music stops, confusing spectators and one cast member. However, when the actor playing Peter Pan, Sandor Sturbl, asks his real-life girlfriend Jane Mary Sullivan who plays Wendy, to marry him, it was a fairytale ending. The heartfelt gesture was met with a huge cheer and applause from the audience as the actress said ‘yes’.

    —Aakanksha Devi


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