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Known as theai??s ai???married guy,ai??i?? stand-up comic Amit Tandon promises hearty laughs this Sunday Buy furosemide 40 mg tablet

With more than 700 shows across three continents, Amit is one of the more prominent observational comics in India. Known as the ai???married guyai??i??in the stand-up comedy
fraternity, he realised he had to make the best of it and took to comedy ai???after two kids and one marriage.ai???
The Delhi-based comedian says that he will be speaking about his observations in daily life at his upcoming show in the city. ai???I will speak about my surroundings, two kids, my wife and parents. My act will also have my takes on my life as a middle-class man who is trying to lead his life in India.ai???
In the last three years, he has toured with three solo shows across India and has
co-produced three other shows. He was also responsible for bringing Fight Comic, a popular comedy face-off show from Singapore to India.
His journey began in late-2010 and has become one of the most highly followed comedians in India with just over a million to be exact. Amit Tandon will be performing at the Hard Rock Cafe on December 18 from 8.30 pm onwards. Entry: Rs 1,000 per
person. Details: in.bookmyshow.com
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