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    Science Of Stupid returns with more slips and falls, and host Manish Paul

    Walking over a thin plank and imitating a feline, a cat lover falls into a pond, and a wannabe stuntman, trying to show off with a bicycle wheelie kisses the asphalt a�� These are just few of the 1,000-odd faceplant videos the Science Of Stupid team has lined up for its newest, and second season that premieres this Monday. Rated one of the top 10 shows in urban India, Science Of Stupid doesna��t just stop with telecasting the video, but analyses it and offers a scientific breakdown by crunching centrifugal force, gravity and velocity figures with the aid of animation and slow motion photography a�� all in a light-hearted manner by television star Manish Paul.

    Wrong foot
    a�?Imagine a time when you were unwinding with your group of friends and one of them slipped and fell, I am sure everyone burst out laughing and then rushed to help and wondered what happened. The show follows the same sequence,a�? begins Manish Paul, speaking from the sets of his upcoming movie Baa Baa Black Sheep. There are videos of, hovercraft, trampoline and parkour fails and even house pets and wildlife fails. a�?This season, I am on a double-role. I am also playing my alter-ego, Q, who is an inquisitive science buff, who keeps probing the various possibilities of the mishap videos, while also picking fights with me,a�? adds Paul, who is familiar with the original Science of Stupid, hosted by Richard Hammond, but maintained his comic style for the Indian version.

    Last take
    The 19-part series also features a stream of adventure sports, like kite flying, kayaking, and riding segways, with inputs on why people run into trouble trying their hands at it for the first time. a�?Fun apart, Science Of Stupid advises people to be smart and gives them tips on how to avoid danger while on their adventurous escapades. With a little common sense and the knowledge we share on the show, viewers can enjoy responsibly,a�? adds Paul, signing off.
    Monday-Friday, 9 pm on National Geographic Channel

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