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    The TV show host and food connoisseur will take you to the best food pit stops at Phoenix MarketCity

    FOOD commentator and author Kunal Vijayakar from Mumbai admits that till recently he wasna��t a fan of eating out at malls. a�?I had always preferred standalone restaurants,a�? says the 52-year-old television host, who is in the city today to host a a�?food traila�� at Phoenix MarketCity. Now successfully converted, Vijayakar knows why malls attract foodies.
    Sharing his experiences from Bangkok to Malaysia, he says that the abundance of choices that one has in food courts in malls is a major plus point. a�?For groups of five to seven people, food courts are the best places to go as everyone gets to eat the cuisine of their choice,a�? he says. Though he feels that street food in Singapore and Hong Kong surpasses the regular mall food available in those countries, he says that in India the variety offered by malls is impressive.
    Having been a food critic for the better part of his career, Vijayakar agrees that food promotion as a concept has changed in the current digital scenario. a�?There is a whole universe of (food) bloggers that has come around, each with their own set of followers. We all look for ratings online, where the involvement is very exciting,a�? he shares. Right now he is looking forward to his experience in the city where he hopes to meet a lot of interesting people, discuss about food with chefs and share experiences. His only concern? a�?Eating that much food in a limited amount of time,a�? he laughs. He further shares plans of a return to the small screen and an online project.
    Today, 2 pm to 3 pm. Entry by invite only. Details: 30083007
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