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Born in 1986, in Budapest, Hungary, Ruiz Sierra has been a DJ for the past 11 years, and his energy levels have been as high as when he began, he claims. Now, as one of the pioneers of tech house (a blend of free flowing house beats with precise techno), he brings his distinct beats to the city, to keep you on your feet all night long. Sierra tells us more about his journey, and lets us in on his dubious beginnings.A�Tell us a bit about starting out. I started out professionally eight years ago when my organiser friends gave me my first opportunity. But it was for an illegal gig at one of the best clubs in Budapest. And even the owner turned up that day. Luckily, he liked my music!

Your music in three words.
Dark, slow and powerful.

DJ versus music producer.
That is a bit difficult to choose. I just love music. To play, create or even release stuff under another production label or my own. It really doesna��t matter to me because for me, no music, no life.

Starting a set.
I love to start with my favourite acapellas. Thata��s my usual. And for sure create new breakdowns with my F1 controller which gives me total control over live remixing, looping or even triggering and scratching. Then I just join the crowd, and test them with the music a�� if they scream, Ia��m on the right path!

More on your production process.
Usually before I start the producing, I jam with my controllers and record many ideas. Then I drop the best sounds from that collection to my new track.

What inspires you?
On a personal level, I love to meet with new people all around the world. Professionally, I just want go higher and higher. I am also influenced by Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, The Advent, Umek.

Indian collaborations.
I will collaborate with one of my closest friends from India a�� techno artiste, Kohra. We always find a common path; I inspire him and he inspires me, so this is a good partnership.

Youa��re most at home…
In England at Egg London and in Hungary, at my resident club CorvintetA�.
August 15, at blueFROG, Church Street. Entry Rs.1,000 upwards.

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