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    Idris Elba on The Gunman, DJing,A� moving to London and why he doesna��t prefer being the next 007

    EVEN as Idris Elbaa��s Beasts of No Nation is mired in controversy (the movie will be premiering online along with its release in theatres), the 42-year-old British actor is also awaiting the release of his much-talked-about-film, The Gunman, directed by Pierre Morel, whichA� stars Sean Penn and Ray Winstone. Based on Jean Patrick Manchettea��s book Prone Gunman, the movie is a gripping action thriller, in which he plays a government official. Well known for his films Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, American Gangster and Thor, the actor has had a significant presence in television too, with shows like Law and Order and as Russell Stringer Bell in The Wire. Now starting to shoot for a two-part Luther, in which he reprises the role of a troubled cop, the three-time Golden Globe nominated actor is also a DJ and musician. More from him about The Gunman:

    What was it like to work with Pierre Morel and Sean Penn.
    I was a fan of Morela��s Taken; ita��s an incredible film. The way it was shot was incredible. It is very tough to show good action and he did it really well. So, when I was chosen for The Gunman, I was very excited. The way Sean works is very real. Only a few action heros can do both jobs incrediblya��give you a real character and run around with friends in a car. Sean Penn is one of them. I really havena��t read the script because I just said I will do it to Sean.

    Were you nervous when you
    found out that you would be working with massive stars?
    Yes, a little bit. Sean Penn is such a formidable and powerful actor, any actor seen with him is probably thinking about what to do. So yes, I was a little nervous.

    Do you agree that even tough guys in action movies have a soft side?
    All the actors in this film have a tough and a soft side.A� I think women have been hugging and cuddling tough guys with softer sides on screen, for years.

    Tell us about your DJing
    I am doing enough for the season. You will definitely see me around. I love to DJ, ita��s my hobby.

    Do you worry that people will not accept you
    as an actor?
    I did worry that it might water down how people see what I do as an actor. Because my music is so much more truthful about my arta��mea��than my acting is. Music comes from my soul. I can connect with people more through my music.

    There was speculation about you becoming the next Bond.
    I just dona��t want to be the black James Bond. Sean Connery wasna��t the Scottish James Bond and Daniel Craig wasna��t the blue-eyed James Bond. SoA� if I played him, I dona��t want to be called the black James Bond.

    You moved back to London from LA. Thata��s the opposite of what most people do. Why?
    I dona��t want my family growing up here. That isna��t me, it just isna��t. Ia��m not into the whole fame thing either. I dona��t have celebrity friends. I have the same ones I had from when I was a kid and, for me, ita��s about my family and what is best for them.

    We hear you perform your own stunts. Comment.
    I do a lot of my own stunts. There arena��t many stunt guys who look like me. So I land up doing my own stuff (laughs).

    The Gunman is scheduled to release on March 20.

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