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    City-based mother and daughter take their love for food to the next level.

    TAKING their culinary love a notch higher, city-based mother-daughter duo a��Bhavna Arya (45) and Dipika Agarwal (63)a��have set up two home-based food pick-up services. While Arya started selling homemade all-natural ice creams, under her brand Intox, a couple of months ago, Agarwal started her own catering businessA� of vegetarianA�dishes, AUMly, in July.
    Speaking about their ventures, AryaA�says the timing wasA�a coincidence. a�?Hers was on theA�cards forA�a long time and it took off this year. I didna��t intend to sell my ice creams; it just happened.a�? Intox has seasonal fruit flavours (the sitaphal and chikoo tick all the right boxes) as well as never-before-heard ones, like motichoor ladoo and rasmalai (`600 onwards). a�?I plan to introduce gajar ka halwa ice cream for Diwali and something special for Christmas as well,a�? she promises.A�With customisedA�orders coming in, Arya says she can create flavours according to customer demand. She is also working on a line of sorbets for her vegan clients. Details: 9500113344
    Meanwhile, Agarwala��s home-made vegetarian food menu prides itself on traditional dishes with a twist. a�?Everybody always liked my cooking and my kids encouraged me to start this,a�? says the 63-year-old home cook, citing Spiral Sticks (baby corn fried with maida strips) and chatpata aloo as crowd favourites. Offering five desserts, soups, salads, rice, bakes and beverage options, in addition to starters, Agarwal says she didna��t want a crowded menu. With a 48-hour advance notice, you can pick up the food at her place in Nungambakkam.
    From Rs 500. Details: 8939774319

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