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    With seasonal flavours, Hyderabada��s Cream Stone is the newest parlour in town

    At Cream Stone, ice cream is tossed into the air and whipped on a marble slab set to exactly a��28A�celsius, and then folded almost lovingly with fresh fruits, nuts or chocolate. The creamy concoction is then placed delicately in a wafer crust, drizzled with sprinkles and sauces, and topped with a wafer cigarello.
    The citya��s first franchise of the Hyderabad-based chain, Cream Stone on TTK Road seats up to 70 people, and offers 26 varieties of pure vegetarian ice cream combinations, including 95 per cent fat-free and sugar-free options for diabetics and seasonal flavours that change every month.
    This montha��s stars are Kala Jamun and Alphonso Mango, but chocolate-lovers should indulge in Chocoholics, that features two scoops of dark chocolate, Perk, Oreo and choco-flakes. The Twisted Mango, with mango, pineapple and lychee, will satisfy all your fruity cravings. And if nothing on the menu sparks interest, customers can go behind the counter to make their own!
    For 30-something husband and wife franchise owners KN Purandhar Nath and R Priyadharshini, quality and flavour are their top priorities. a�?Ice cream is my passion. So bringing Cream Stone here has always been my goal,a�? says Nath. With at least two new stores and six new flavours in the pipeline, including hazelnut, an upcoming bakery for ice cream cakes and potentially a local catering service, Cream Stone is here to stay.
    Starting from Rs 50 for a basic scoop. Details: creamstoneconcepts.com

    Sakshi Kaushik


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