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    The United Sports Bar & Grill will have you cheering even on non-game days

    Stick of Fame, a wall dedicated to sporting equipment a�� sticks, racquets, bats et al, a pool table, a brick-walled section covered with sporting memorabilia from football star posters and signed photographs sets the tone at UnitedA�A�A�A�A�A� Sports Bar & Grill at Phoenix Market City.

    If you are with a cosy group of friends head to the community table in front of the screen for best seats in the house or the United Lounge if you are a larger party. A full service, casual all-day diner, this place features mixed cuisines,A� grills and creative cocktails too.

    Food8Lead5Starting line
    We got off to a great start with Blood on the Rooftop, a heady mix of wine with four spirits. Then a refreshing orange spice cooler with a deceptively strong vodka base, redolent with clove, cardamom and cinnamon. May Queen, a seasonal mango mocktail, topped with mint and ice-cream should keep the driver-on-duty reasonablyA� happy. Beers and spirits are also on the menu.
    Since grills feature prominently in the name, we picked a non-vegetarian platter to share a�� succulent chicken lollies with a sweet a�?na�� spicy sauce, tender Indonesian chicken satay, grilled fish and Mongolian chicken satay. Juicy, jumbo firecracker prawns, vanished from the table swiftly a�� the shrimp marinated in a chilli paste and wrapped in wonton strips. Do try the barbeque pork ribs tossed in rosemary and apple compote. Vegetarians should have the Thai water chestnuts, cottage cheese and mushroom lightly tossed in coconut milk or sample the potato skins, generously loaded with sour cream or melted cheese.

    Second innings
    Mains offer wide choices of fish, chicken (grilled and steak) and vegetarian fajita. While the fish, in a fenugreek, garlic and harissa rub was delicious, we were a bit disappointed with the bland basa texture. Grilled chicken spicy citrus herb crust tempered with curry leaf was a very interesting version of the peri-peri chicken which came with sweet potato mash and smoked Thai curry sauce. Quite impressed by their meat dishes we dived into the fajita a�� spiced paneer, mushroom and peppers with fresh guacamole, herbed sour cream, cheese and piquant salsa. A total veggie crowd pleaser!
    Sandwiches, burgers, salads and pastas fill the rest of the vast menu. Try their steaks (chicken, beef or lamb) which come highly recommended for their soft, succulenceA� and variety of sauces.

    Home stretch
    Despite being stuffed to the gills, we made space for a warm, layered apple crumble. The rich almond and raisin filling teamed up with vanilla ice cream and made for the perfect finish.
    Service is spot on, space well designed and roomy, and while not exactly cheap, you do get your value for money.

    Rs. 2,000 upwards for two. At Whitefield. Details: 67266661

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