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    Anonymous social networking that might allow you freedom of expression

    From hilarious, inappropriate, to downright inane, this app has been getting people to pour their deep, dark secrets! The data, stored on Google servers, is encrypted before it leaves a phone, so email addresses or phone numbers will always be a�?hasheda�� or coded so the original is never in full view. For iOS and Android users. Details: secret.ly

    Created for sharing photos, anecdotes and stories, Whisper connects like-minded people from across the world. You can anonymously share thoughts and emotions that youa��d be weary of sharing on public sites. And if even this is too much, try their free private messaging feature. We love that categories range from military and relationships to money and body piercings. On iOS and Android. Details: whisper.sh

    Taking every cyber message you leave offline, Confide has only self-destructing messages. Ita��s quite interesting as you use your finger as a a�?wanda�� to go over the text, and as you move, the words simply disappear. If your a�?frienda�� attempts to take a screenshot of your text, youa��ll be immediately alerted and messages instantly self-destruct. Details: getconfide.com

    This space is like an anonymous bulletin. With gossipy posts and pieces, it allows anyone to secretly connect and share information. You can post anecdotes, jokes and any news that might be interesting. Also help the community decide which posts are best by either upvoting or downvoting posts. Details: yikyakapp.com

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