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Object Theatre comes to the city in a novel adaptation of Alice In Wonderland

Using Lewis Carrolla��s classic, Alice in Wonderland, Choiti Ghosh and her team bring to the stage something that is new and unconventional. With origins in Europe at the start of the Industrial Age, Object Theatre uses puppetry to bring to life inanimate, everyday objects.
a�?What we do is attach meaning and significance to everyday mass-produced objects, almost like we did as children,a�? shares Ghosh.

Carrolla��s guide-map
The play starts with a stage filled with mundane objects and the four characters carrying out their routine chores in a listless fashion to the ticking rhythm of a metronome. a�?They enact performing the same tasks over and over again until they simply cana��t anymore. Thata��s when they decide to play a make-believe game and unleash their imagination,a�? explains Ghosh of the performance that goes onto show the characters transform from doing the ordinary to using objects around them to move into a world of their imagination that even includes falling down a rabbit hole. a�?We use the book as a starting point but often stray away from the story, sticking to Carrolla��s plot only broadly and as a guide map,a�? Ghosh tells us.

A moment in time
The story twists and turns unexpectedly, and has all the classic a�?wonderlanda�� elements woven in for effect. From objects coming to life as the Cheshire Cat and Alice growing bigger and smaller with the help of magnifying props, it really a�?brings magic to the mundanea��.
a�?The girl (Alice) begins to imagine she is living an alternate life and sings, dances, laughs and falls down the rabbit hole as she begins a madcap adventure. But all this happens within a moment of imaginative thought arising from the need to break away from the mundane,a�? adds Ghosh.

Worlds collide
The performance promises to be intriguing. Ghosh, a professional puppeteer and stage actor says, a�?I had heard about object theatre but did not know much about it till I went to the Institut International de la Marionnette in France, that specialises in this form of theatre. I came back and realised that this is where my love from puppeteering and acting stemmed. Now I can do both at the same time!a�?
Saturday and Sunday at RangaShankara, JP Nagar. Tickets (Rs200) at bookmyshow.com

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