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Les Chants De l’Umai

With dance, song and computer graphics, Les Chants De la��UmaA? addresses femininity and divinity

Femininity and dragons. Ancient chants and holograms. Carnatic inspirations and contemporary dance. It may seem dichotomous, but in the experienced hands of Marcia Barcellos, a choreographer with the French company, Systeme Castafiore, the varied elements merge to create a performance that is an ode to the woman. a�?Les Chants De la��UmaA? was created in 2012. There is no real story, but its five sequences, set in a surreal Indo-Arab context, create an imaginary, dream-like state where Marcia is UmaA?, the womb of the universe, or a female dragon (symbol of power and divinity) from the fictional land of Gravbekistan,a�? says Karl Biscuit, the director-composer.
Barcellos was inspired by Carnatic songs and gestures from Indian dances when she conceptualised the piece. In fact, the one-hour solo has five songs in languages like Sanskrit and Persian, and draws musical inspiration from India, Ethiopia and others. a�?The performance flirts with Dadaism (an avant-garde movement that flouted convention and produced works marked by incongruity) and reflects the madness of our world through an experimentation with movement, projections and sound installations,a�? explains Biscuit.
Fanciful, occasionally humorous and often thought-provoking, a chorus (like in Greek plays) is also employed to explain the show to the audience.
On February 10, at Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Hall, from 7 pm. Free passes available at Alliance FranA�aise. Details: 28279103
Surya Praphulla Kumar


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