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    High on the success of Arrow, producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, brought us The Flash, a fast-paced superhero drama based on the life of Barry Allen. Starring Grant Gustin as Allen, the show follows how he goes from geeky scientist to the fastest man alive as The Flash, when he is struck by lightening during the S.T.A.R. Labs Particle Accelerator burst. Speaking of his role, Gustin says, a�?Ia��m definitely starting to feel like Ia��m in the skin of Barry Allen, and Ia��m having a lot of fun with it. Ita��s a different take on The Flash and the script is already written in my voice, so ita��s easy enough to just do it. To be honest, this is the most fun Ia��ve ever had on a show. Ita��s great.a�?

    7OTBAnchor1While the scriptwriters have borrowed various parts of the show from the comics, the series is given a breath of fresh air and innovation with contemporary plotlines and believable characters. a�?Wea��re doing things that are new in our story, things that arena��t in the comics. Many of the characters are different to how they are in the books, but they still have the same heart,a�? explains Gustin. For Barry, protecting people is top on his priority list, and Gustin reveals that putting others first sometimes gets in the way of his charactera��s progress.

    The show has been a hit so far, but he confesses that it was nerve-wracking in the early days to see how fans would react to their interpretation of the DC classic. a�?I thought the most challenging aspect of tackling the role was going to be the pressure from the fans, but they have been really accepting. I think ita��s because the team working on The Flash earned their trust with Arrow,a�? adding, a�?Now, the main challenge for me is working with the shooting schedule while trying to maintain my body. Ia��m eating as much as I can because Ia��m a thin guy!a�?

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