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    A new app brings you up to speed on football, cricket and tennis news.

    pg4-1Sports articles are usually quite comprehensivea��carrying everything from game analysis to statistical breakdowns. But very often we dona��t have the time to read them all. Thata��s where Sports Nut comes in. This new app provides short summaries of articles published in your favourite sports newspapers and websites (think BBC Sport, Goal, ESPNCricInfo, and the like).
    Founded by three friendsa��Mohamed Majid, Faheem Moosa and Zoheb Moosaa��it is a follow-up to the parent website (of the same name) that was launched two months ago. Promising 10-second reads, the app, which was launched last week, is user-friendly and caters to news related to football, motorsports, cricket, and tennis. a�?We will be introducing more games categories and new features in the near future,a�? reveals Zoheb.
    While the functioning of the app may appear simple, users must credit Zoheba��s team for curating and summarising original articles. They update information on the app a�?multiple times a daya�?, a challenging job, as they are required to read almost all the articles that are published in the spectrum of sports media. But the result is satisfying, as the 50-word snippets not only provide all the important information, but they also help you get the full picture by providing links to the original article below. Shuffling between the posts is easy through simple swipes, and each is presented with an accompanying picture. It is early days yet, but we think the app scores.

    Available on Android and soon in iStore. Details: sportsnut.in
    a��Karan Pillai


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