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    Above and Beyond comes back for two-hours of possibly the finest trance and progressive music

    The giants of EDM return to the city for Above and Beyond Group Therapy (ABGT50). Track after track, this infamous trio ofA�Jono Grant,A�Paavo SiljamA�ki and Tony McGuinness from London, redefines the trance genre with melodic tunes and what McGuinness calls a�?a personal relationship with fansa��. He talks to us about relentless touring, uplifting fan connections, the transition to ABGT and why Bangalore is their top performance destination.

    Top performance destination.
    Bangalore. Each time we come here, we are reminded of how enormous and complex India is. Therea��s so much energy in the crowd with lots of attractive and smiling faces, it is inspiring and amazing.

    TATW to Group Therapy.
    The transition was a very natural one. We were sometimes going beyond just trance and though similar in concept a bit, Group Therapy is a better name and more accurate in terms of what we do.

    History behind the name.
    Jono had just typed out his full name into AltaVista, (pre-Google!) and found a motivational guru whoa��s tagline was Above and Beyond. It seemed perfect. We spent so much time perfecting the music and the name described and amplified exactly what we had.

    On being a global phenomenon.
    Honestly, I didna��t expect to be so popular when we first started out. Ita��s a difficult task to make it big. But with immense hard work and good luck, wea��ve made it and stuck around.

    Audience as a booster.
    Sometimes, wea��re just off a 16-hour flight, weak and tired. Ita��s hard to even walk. But once we get out there, wea��re transformed by warmth and enthusiasm. I think wea��re all connected and inter-dependent. Ita��s a lovely relationship that we cherish. It is what makes ABGT a splendid show.

    Influences and inspiration.
    Each of us try and make music based on our surroundings, personal stories, experiences, histories and even a personal mission we are currently on. Ita��s respecting our feelings and playing it out to an audience to either ignore or get that feeling validated.

    Music making.
    I am very fascinated by language and the process of song writing. Although there isna��t a hard and fast rule, Paavo and Jono usually get on the keyboard and get the music going. They are also much better on the engineering side of things than I am. I tend to do most of the lyric and melody writing.

    Coming up soon.
    Our third studio album is set for release in summer 2014. And if ita��s not, wea��ll be in great trouble! Wea��ve already got a few tracks that need to be tested to see how they do in a club environment. So wea��ll get back to the studio in London after our tour in India and Australia.
    Today at EZone, Marathahalli. Tickets (`2,090 upwards) on
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