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    Winging it
    PlanB launches its Chicken Wings Festival. Choose from flavours like Scotch bonnet pepper sauce, five spice sauce, bacon sauce, Thai A sauce and liquor-based sauces (beer and old monk). You can also order a platter of four different wings sauces, as a dozen. `215++. At Castle Street and Richmond Road. Details: 41119225

    Around the globe
    California Pizza Kitchena��s Pizza
    Trails features pizzas, cocktails and mocktails inspired by eight different
    cuisines. The special menu includes a range of 14-inch pizzas like Pizza Rustica, Teriyaki Pizza, Indian Delight, Fiesta
    Pizza, Shawarma Pizza and more. `1,400++ for two. Across all outlets. Till October 15. Details: 6569569


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