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    Ari-Gateaux prides itself on minimalist yet decadent bakes

    Veda Ponnappa loves the look of a rustic cake, and with her new venture, Ari-Gateaux, she aims to cater to the growing demand for a�?nakeda�� cakes. But why a�?Ari-Gateauxa��, you may ask. a�?Ita��s a play on words that denotes the coming together of Eastern flavours with classic French baking techniques,a�? explains

    Ponnappa, who abandoned a Mastera��s in Marine Biology to pursue her passion for baking. a�?I quit midway and enrolled in the Act Sunrise Chef Academy in Singapore,a�? she reveals. Interning at Resorts World, Sentosa and Osia, Singapore, a fine-dining restaurant, she returned to Bangalore and started working at Lavonne as part of the production team for the cafe and also as a teacher at the academy.
    After a two-year stint there, she felt ready to go solo. She cur2205Food8Anchor2

    rently works out of her home, offering cakes (`900/kilo up), cupcakes (`150 upwards), jar desserts, tarts, sandwiches, muffins, brownies, quiches and mini bites. a�?I stay away from fondant and heavy icing because frankly, I do not like the taste. My cakes have minimal frostings allowing for the sponge to shine through,a�? Ponnappa tells us.
    Most of what she bakes is either seasonal fruit-based or chocolate based. The current favourite with

    her clients is the white chocolate and mango naked cake, with a white chocolate frosting topped with fresh Raspuri mangoes. She also recommends the decadent chocolate cake. It features a dark devil sponge with a rich dark chocolate ganache and the option of a raspberry filling. If you have a weakness for cupcakes, try the chocolate cupcake with a filling of strawberry and rose flavoured jam or vanilla with peanut butter and banana filling topped with salted butter cream and popcorn.
    Catch her at the flea market at Indiranagar Club on Sunday to sample nutella and dark chocolate crepe cakes, chilli and cinnamon-flavoured Mexican chocolate tea cake, apple crumble muffin and bacon quiche, apart from other bakes.
    Details: facebook.com/page/Ari-Gateaux

    a��Rashmi Rajagopal


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