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    The year-old fashion blog, Miss Pink Shoes, is all about positive body image and budget retail therapy.

    MEET the newest star on the Chennai blogger block, Sushmita Agarwal, aka Miss Pink Shoes. The visual communication (MOP Vaishnav) studenta��s fashion chronicle boasts 23,559 Facebook fans and 9,010 Instagram followers. The reason she caught our attention, however, is her candid posts on positive body image and for her penchant for budget shopping. The self-confessed a�?recessionistaa�� launched her blog in May last year with a view to making fashion and make-up more accessible, as well as her own personal growth. a�?Fashion is made to look so intimidating and unreachable at times. I want to reach all those out there who share the same interest in fashion and make-up as I do, but are afraid of being judged. Be it a teenager or a 50-year-old lady, I feel that self-love is the best love,a�? she begins.

    Serving interests
    With blogging being a veritable business and scores of young fashionistas clamouring to leave their digital footprint across the world, the 20-year-old muses, a�?There are so many famous bloggers (like Chelsea Miller) who are tall, blonde and thin.a�? But fashionable women in India, especially those with a specific budget, often find it challenging to translate ensembles from the pages of fashion magazines and blogs to daily life. Here Agarwal makes her mark with her array of trendy and affordable ensembles for the curvy, petite Indian woman. a�?Fluctuating between chubby and curvy is what would describes me best,a�? she says. a�?If I can put myself out there so can you.a�? In the past year, since the inception of Miss Pink Shoes, she has worked with big brands such as Phoenix MarketCity, Cafe Coffee Day and several independent fashion labels as a stylist, and is also a part of POPxoa��s blogger network.

    Style tips
    a�?My favourite high street brands are Zara and Forever 21, and independent Chennai label, Which Witch. You will always find me in bright colours and funky prints. I never miss to add a fun element to my outfit and love accessorising. I think all Chennai women must own a pair of blue jeans, great sunglasses and a white T-shirt. I really look up to Sonam Kapoor, blogger Rhea Gupte (FUSS) and Nandini Bhalla (Cosmopolitan magazinea��s editor) for their style.a�? Agarwal, who has applied to design school, hopes to launch her own fashion label in the future.
    Details: misspinkshoes.com

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