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    As he turns 47,Prasoon Joshitalks aboutA�A�offensive lyrics,poetry and howA�advertising isA�changing

    WHETHER ita��s theA�revolut ionar yA�tunes of RangA�De Basanti orA�the catchy lyricsA�from Delhi 6A�songs, Prasoon Joshi has proven that
    art and music need not be derogatoryA�or offensive in order to be popular inA�Bollywood. Recently Joshia��s heartfeltA�poetic tribute to the girl child after PVA�Sindhu and Sakshi Malika��s OlympicA�wins was widely shared on socialA�media with celebrities like DeepikaA�Padukone and Kangana Renaut alsoA�tweeting about it. Currently workingA�on a web series with Neerja directorA�Ram Madhvani alongside a bookA�which will be a compilation of hisA�poetry, the Mumbai-based lyricist writer-A�poet-adman turns 47 today.A�Joshi, who will head the music jury
    at Spikes Asia 2016, talks to us aboutwhat poetry and advertising mean toA�him, the importance of technologyA�today and how the audience needs toA�be more vocal about offensive lyrics.A�People should definitely put aA�stamp of rejection on the work
    they feel is substandard. YouA�should get up and switch the song offA�and make a bold statement to yourA�family members, to the girls in theA�family and to the men also. That a��A�a�?listen, this is not going to be on inA�my family. I am not going to run thisA�song. Nobody is going to play thisA�song in my family. This is compromisingA�women, this is compromisingA�the girl child, this is racist, this is sexist.A�I am not going to allow this…a��

    Advertising caters to the child in

    Advertising is like something madeA�in a microwave. It loses its relevanceA�fast. Except for ads like thanda matlabA�Coca Cola or Happydent, mostly theyA�come and go. Poetry is like dheemi aanchA�pe chada hua ishq (a simmering passion).Poetry caters to the adult in me.

    Technology is very much a part ofA�our lives.

    Ita��s no more an option to make aA�digitally viable campaign. So you have toA�have something, a thought which catchesA�on, catches the imagination of people.A�Earlier people had appointment viewing,A�you know that at this particular timeA�people are going to watch MahabharataA�and I put my ad there, I have guaranteeA�that so many people would have watchedA�my ad. Now giving a message to theseA�people is very challenging because youA�dona��t know which programme they areA�watching when.A�Ita��s a very cluttered market that weA�are living in and ita��s no more a noveltyA�to have a star. Ita��s not easy to just put anA�ad with a film star who says a�?I use it, doA�you?a�� That doesna��t work anymore. YouA�need to have a very good idea and a veryA�good reason for the star to be there.

    a�� Simar Bhasin


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