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    When fan love turns into obsession, even celebrities can be scared enough to file lawsuits and hire bodyguards.

    Life under the arc lights is not all glitz and glam. Ask American television host, Erin Andrews, who was secretly filmed through the peephole while staying at the Nashville Marriot in 2008. It was only this month that she won the lawsuit and $55 million against the stalker, and the owner of the hotel. Here are a few more incidents that remind us that having a following has its own downsides.

    kylie_jenner1Kylie Jenner
    Jenner recently admitted that if she could turn invisible for a day, she would stalk all her exes. One cannot miss the irony here since it was only last Christmas that a stalker tried to break into her house for the tenth time! Though he was arrested and put in a psychiatric ward, he managed to escape in three days and was back at the youngest Kardashiana��s doorstep, at her Calabasas home. Since then, her mother, Kris, has been urging the 18 year-old, who garnered one billion likes on Instagram last year, to restrain her activities on social media.

    mandy-moore-wallpaper-9Mandy Moore
    Last month was scary for Moore, as she found strange notes left outside her Hollywood home. A certain Salahaudin Moutali claimed he was a�?Satana�? and wanted to meet her for a�?personal reasonsa�?. After a few days, he showed up again at the singer-turned-actressa�� home, which was when she called the police. The 31-year-old has a three-year restraining order against him now, and can stop worrying about any diabolic designs he might have had.

    Gwyneth Paltrow
    Our hearts went out to Paltrow last month when she, with eyes brimming with tears, testified against Ohio-based Dante Soiu. He has been stalking her for 17 years, and in 2000, was even convicted of the same crime. However, citing insanity, he was temporarily sent to a mental care facility. This time, it seems he only wanted forgiveness from the Oscar winning-actress. In spite of the 43-year-old stating that he sent her letters, which ranged from a�?religious to pornographic to threateninga�?, he was acquitted.

    Lana Del Ray
    It was just last December when Kansas-based Zachary Self a�� who was a�?campinga�� in singer-songwriter Del Reya��s Malibu home a�� was jailed for 84 days. This year again, the Born to Die hit maker has been plagued by stalkers a�� two Russian girls who reportedly left nonsensical messages via mail , and threatened suicide as well. The 40-year-old star not only got a three-year restraining order against them, she even hired a full-time bodyguard.

    In the midst of celebrating the success of her new album, Anti, Rihanna received an explicit video last month from Ralph Alexander. His tweets to the 28-year-old, dating back to April 2015, include a host of death threats and a picture where he posed outside Riria��s former home. Now, the Barbosa-born singer can continue to concentrate on her 63-city world tour, as the man has been confined to a psychiatric hospital.

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