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    Actor James Nesbitt on playing a grief-stricken father in The Missing

    The happy world of Tony and Emily Hughes comes crashing down when their four-year-old son Oliver goes missing during a holiday in France. Catch actor James Nesbitt, who plays the father, resolve this mystery in a new abduction drama The Missing, which premieres on Monday.
    What about the script appealed to you the most?
    It is all very well to have emotional material in a story such as this, but it has to be constructed well and be believable. The writing in this case was exceptional. The first reading was utterly gripping and terribly painful. I liked the story right from the first page, and was desperate to know what happened next.

    Tell us about Tony.
    Director Tom Shankland and I worked a lot on to paint a picture of a complicated man. We looked at Tonya��s childhood. He often refers to a difficult relationship with his dad, and that would have had an impact on the kind of parent he wants to be. He has a lot of rage but as a parent he is doting, and is also a loving husband.
    What is his relationship with Emily (played by Frances Oa�� Connor)?
    Because of Tonya��s childhood, Emily used to be the stabilising force in his life. But then this horrendous thing happens and it begins to illustrate the cracks in their relationship, instead of keeping them together. Now, they are at a place where they are almost separated.

    How does Tonya��s obsession for the truth affect his life?
    He feels it was his fault that he took his eyes off from Oliver for a minute. He thinks the only way of getting rid of this guilt is to find out more about his son. But the guilt has destroyed everything in his life. He sees Oliver in his head every time he blinks.

    Why can viewers expect?
    Ita��s a story that people still read or even hear about. Ita��s a story about the very worst we can be and the very worst that can happen to us, but ita��s also about love a�� the need for love, and the sadness when love is taken away.
    Premiers on November 30, 10 pm on FX and FX HD.

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