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Anuvab Pal promises an uproarious evening peppered with familiar references

He debuted as a stand-up with Londona��s Comedy Store when they opened in Mumbai in 2010. And went from scripting comedy movies and plays, to performing and winning over audiences with three successive standing ovations at Gotham, Stand Up NY and the New York Comedy Club a�� three of the worlda��s biggest English language comedy clubs. Ahead of his two gigs this weekend, Anuvab Pal talks comedy, trouble shooting and more.

Background check
I always preferred writing comedy, never performing. Then, the Comedy Store approached me in 2010 and four years later, about 1,000 shows down, I ended up with a two-hour show, performing (not easy for an old man) and not writing. All the other comedians are now talking about writing plays and films. My journey got done in reverse.

Quirky times
In Pune, I had an undergarment thrown at me once. Ia��m not sure if it was a compliment. Or if it was male or female.

When offstage you are
Trying to figure if ita��s too late to become a doctor or engineer. Or looking up retirement schemes on the Internet.

Going abroad
My show, The World Wants to Know, opened in Mumbai, travelled to Bangalore, Delhi, smaller towns like Coimbatore, Shillong, Dehradun etc., then moved to London, NYC and San Francisco.

Accent troubles
Since Ia��m from Calcutta, I speak with a quasi-English accent. In places like Gurgaon or Ludhiana, it comes off sounding like a foreign language.
Tonight at Sanctum, Residency Road (Rs.499) and June 22 at bFlat Bar, Indiranagar (Rs.700). Tickets on bookmyshow.com

Areas of interest
The more tragic a situation, the more
I look for some humour in it. So, history, my everyday life.

Worst show
At a horse racing awards night in Bangalore. It is tough to compete with animals for attention.

Words of advice
Read. Travel. Listen.

The best
Eddie Izzard.

a��Susanna Chandy


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