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    Yoga for Sports – BKS Iyengar

    Published by Westland Ltd; Rs 1,499
    BE it cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar, footballers in Australia or top tennis players and golfers, BKS Iyengara��s brand of yoga has helped in treatment of injuries, flexibility, improved stamina and mental concentration. SoA� it is good to know that the world renowned yoga exponenta��s teachings for sportspersons are now in a book, and with over 400 photos too. According to Rajvi Mehta, a teacher at the Iyengar Yogashraya in Mumbai, who fine-tuned the book after the yoga guru passed away in 2014, it began as a manual for cricketers. a�?a�?That was back in 2007. Mumbai Cricket Association paid for the many photos, but the project was stalled for various reasons,a��a�� she says. It was only when the publishing house Westland came into the picture that the project saw the light of day. And arena��t we glad, for the heavy tome is packed with asanas and great words of advice for anyone from eight years onwards. There are solutions to travel fatique for frequent fliers, answers to common health problems, even tips for sportswomen. a�?a�?Yoga,a��a�� says the guru in the book, a�?a�?is intelligence of the head and heart…it calms the mind and makes the body alert.a��a�� There are pictorial representations of asanas for just about everything, for strong arms, knees, to counter nausea, long absence from loved ones and so on, that it is a pity they left out a bookmark. On one of the pages is a quote, a�?a�?In asana practice, attention is fixed inside the body by the inner eye, while in sports it is fixed outside the body.a��a�� Mehta recalls how BKS Iyengar did headstands till his last days, and he was 95!

    Launched in December, the book is also available on Kindle, says Mehta, though with all the postures inside, perhaps an app would be welcome too?

    The Ultimate Treadmill Workout a�� David Siik

    Published by Adams Media Corp; Rs 1,269
    Who said treadmills are boring? Elite runner and celebrity trainer David Siik changes your perception and introduces BITE a�� Balanced Interval Training Experience into your workout to help you burn fat and lose weight. With a clientele that includes Hollywooda��s top celebrities, like Naomi Watts, Reese Witherspoon and Heidi Klum, Siik tells you how many minutes of running to dedicate per day. Released last month, the book is divided into two parts a�� the first focuses on maximising calories burnt and minimising pain while the second includes introductory workouts and plans. There are warm up and cool down options, what speed you should be running at, how you could tweak your speed a�� all this and much more information is broken down into tables. Available on amazon.in

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