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    Less is more
    The new line of bathroom faucets from Grohe will give any bathroom a sophisticated makeover. The series, named Essence, pioneers the latest technology to improve functionality and water efficiency, and features slimmer metal spouts and swivels designed by Paul Flowers. Available from Rs 15,000 onwards. Details: 124 4933000

    Glass dialogues
    DelhiA�-based glass artist, Ikroop Dhillon, has partnered with jewellery designer Pooja Roy Yaadav to launch Bangdar Saralia��a brand that features handA�crafted jewellery. Their latest, The Devi collection, marries Murano glass art techniques with ancient
    Indian motifs. At MaalGaadi, from Rs 1,723 onwards. Details: 42103242

    Served in style
    Impress guests with these aluminium platters from the online A�brand India Circus. The square platters feature colourful designs by Krsna Mehta in the middle, and are rimmed with raised, reflective edges. Priced at Rs 2,999. Details: 022 30770256 indiacircus.com


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