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    Delhi-based designer Dyuti Bansal calls each of her pieces an artistic expression. Her labelA�DejainerA�showcases bags with interesting digital prints fuelled by modern Indian fashion. a�?Ita��s inspired by the attitude of young people, how their fashion sense has been influenced from across the globe. But the Indian element is kept intact. It is fun fashion,a�? explains Bansal, whose collection (iPad covers, laptop clutches, wallets and laptop bags) is being showcased at Evolv for the first time in the city. The incongruous prints, like that of a man with a turban, long moustache but with aviators and a red tikka, effectively capture the paradox of modern India.
    One of a kind

    One might mistake it to be kitsch but Bansal begs to differ. a�?Every design of mine is like a painting. I do clutches for party wear, which are not your usual heavy embroidered pieces. One of my clutches has a big golden jhumka print on satin. Ita��s one of a kind,a�? says the designer, who formed her label two years ago and started retailing from malls and later moved to airports.

    The collection is priced from Rs 1,800 to Rs 4,000, at Evolv on Chamiers. Details: 42042474

    a�� Madhuwanti Saha


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