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    Tarun Tahiliani creates versatile jewellery for contemporary brides.

    With the wedding season upon us soon and despite the soaring gold prices, it appears that bridal jewellery need no longer be relegated to the bank for safe keeping and pulled out on special occasions. That’s what Tarun Tahiliani believed when he designed a line of bridal jewellery for Azva — from necklaces and chokers to earrings and bracelets. The line is ornate but breaks up into segments so the bride can stack them when she wants to load up on bling or break a piece down and wear it independently. “My pieces are light, wearable and trendy. So a modern bride, who prefers a bit of edginess, will enjoy them. They can work for a mehendi, a cocktail party or a formal reception,” he explains.


    Tahiliani describes how he scoured the country discovering and understanding the regional craftsmanship before setting out to design the series based on the seven vows of matrimony — delicate layered chains, finely worked chokers, statement cuffs and rings. We loved the way fine filigree work, jali designs, hundreds of tiny beads, miniature coins and the judicious use of pearls and coloured stones characterise the collection.

    Available at select jewellers and varies from 70 gms to 300gms per set. Details: azvavows.com

    — Team Indulge


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