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Some restaurants in the city offer exotic and Indian lunches nostalgic way in tiffin-carriers and lunch-boxes

Want to bring some school-time nostalgia on your meal-table? How about opening a tiffin-box and eating straight from it the way you gobbled your food packed lovingly by your mother? Well, you dona��t really need a time-machine to do that. Some restaurants in the city have come up with this idea of serving lunch in tiffin-boxes for a differently unique fine dine experience. The boxes vary from the tiered-tiffin-carriers to the double-tiered typical school lunch box. And the menu ranges from Greek culinary delights to Parsi delicacies and our very own South Indian meals. It is fast catching up with the city-folks. These tiffin carriers hold deceptively huge amounts of food. We list out the places where you can savour meals straight from those steel or copper
tiffin boxes. Check it out:
Text: Saima Afreen

Greek lunch box at Olive Bistro

If you dona��t like your lunch too spicy that sets your taste-buds on fire then Greek Lunch Box is the right choice for you. More so, because you relish your two-tiered tiffin box served on the table set under frangipani trees. The open space overlooks the rocky topography of the area below.
What’s in the box: Open your tiffin box and you have Olive Oil Pilaf with Braised Puy Lentils with Feta and Oregano Gravy. It is accompanied with fried vegetables and tender chicken fried crispily topped with tomato salsa. The bonus point is that there are North African, Greek, Spanish and Portuguese cuisines available also. Their take: Olive Bistro launched the tiffin boxes way back in October 2015. Now we hear from one of the stake-holders that a new menu will find its way into the tiffin-boxes soon by the summer-time. Price: Rs.260++ taxes. Details: 69999127

Indian delights at Taj Deccan

Want to relish home-made Indian style lunch? Then Spice Junxion, Taj Deccan is the right place for you. You will get a feel as if the lunch has been sent to you from home by your dear mother or loving wife. Ita��s a large six-tiered steel tiffin with three compartments for desserts. You can choose between both vegetarian and non-vegetarian category.
What’s in the box: One starter, three main courses, one lentil and one flavoured rice. Appam and Phulka are made live. For non-veggies, the menu remains the same except for a starter and one main course which is non-vegetarian. The menu changes everyday.
Their take: Chef Rishi Manucha says, a�?For the pre-orders a refundable amount of Rs.1,000 is charged per box as deposit. Price: Rs.850. Details: 66663939

Simple lunch at Taj Mahal

Well, those who want to keep it light can opt for simple rice, lentil soup, fried vegetables, salad and fried chicken then Taj Mahal restaurant at Abids is your right choice. Come noon and those five-tiered tiffin carriers are spread on the marble-tables.
What’s in the box: Kad hai Paneer or Aloo Dum or any other vegetable curry.A�Their take: Taj Mahal does not supply to office addresses. One can enjoy only at the restaurant.
Price: Rs.400++ taxes for non vegetarian and Rs.350++ taxes for the vegetarian.
Details: 25610023

Dhansak at SodaBottleOpenerWala

Served in a three-layered typical Bombay style tiffin dhansak at SodaBottleOpenerWala is mouth-watering. Other than the old-school three-box tiffin carrier the dhansak comes both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian category.
What’s in the box: The Veg Dhansak tiffin is packed with caramelised rice, Parsi lentils curry with whole vegetables and kachumbhar. The Mutton Dhansak comes with a portion of caramelised rice, mutton with lentils curry and kachumbar. And the best part is that you can choose between boneless or with-bones mutton pieces.
Their take: Chef Anahita Dhody prepares the dhansaks with secret Parsi family recipes.
Price: Rs.395++ taxes for Veg Dhansak, Rs.550++ taxes for Mutton Dhansak. Details: 68888681


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