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    He might not be active on the air waves now, but his whole day is dedicated to making the air waves more listener friendly. Since he started his Academy of Radio Studies (AORS), ita��s been a 25-hour day for this Guinness record holder. I caught up with Chennaia��s well-known radio presenter, Dheena, to find out more.

    What has AORS achieved in close to three years?
    It was started in November 2011, with the vision to turn radio aspirants into skilled radio professionals. We are a dedicated training academy committed to quality and industry-led content, which is our strength. The team consists of many radio and media professionals. We have had six batches of enthusiastic aspirants, many of whom have been successfully placed in the radio and television industrya��like Suryan FM, Big FM, Hello FM, Pudhiya Yugam TV, Jaya TV and Vijay TV.

    What is your role with in-store radio?
    In-store or mall radio is a niche medium now. Once clients discover and understand this concept they realise how much can be done with a customised audio solution, which is the exact product-service we providea��genuinely customised music and content to suit the brand and consumers. Unlike a a�?one-size-fits-alla��, every solution is deliberate and made to specifics. A customised audio solution has the potential to add immense value to a brand and how it is experienced; we believe customising with quality is key.

    Whata��s next for Dheena?
    From being a media professional to an entrepreneur, ita��s been an eventful journey. It continues to keep me absorbed and challenged. I believe in radio and all its possibilities. Ita��s satisfying to be able to enable aspiring youngsters become media professionals. In-store radio as a medium is expanding phenomenally and I am growing with every milestone. We are trying to take it to different kinds of businesses and models. We all started from scratch, so ita��s gratifying to be able to give a boost to youngsters and, in the process, create a stronger name for ourselves.

    Want to be a radio professional? Give AORS a shot. See you next week!

    a�� talkingradio@gmail.com

    The writera��s views expressed A�here are entirely in his A�personal capacity.


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    • Kesava Rajan

      Its hard to be a media professional and its harder to sustain. But radio teaches both. I love radio and Mr.Dheena. Thumps up for success full journey…..