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    Australian electronic music producer, Phoebe Kiddo, has created a buzz around the world. After attending the Red Bull Music Academy in 2011, she released her debut EP, Tripping on The Wake of Goodbyes, in 2013. Her A�debut album, Artifacts of Broken Dreams, came out in 2014 and has won her a cult fan following that is growing by the day. We caught up with the artiste during her recent Chennai visit, where she gave us a peek into what she is playing on loop right now.

    MTZPN by Kuedo
    This track is an emotional banger. It is very heavy yet it is very emotional. I get transported to a different dimension every time I listen to it. It is a sound designing masterpiece.

    Carcass by Laurel Halo
    Laurel Halo is one of my favourite artists and I just cana��t get enough of Carcass or the whole album Quarantine for that matter. The best thing about this song is that it is very raw. Also, the way the vocals blend with the electronic music is simply phenomenal.

    Infra Dusk by M.E.S.H.
    I love to play this track when I am DJing somewhere and that doesna��t happen very often. It has a future-ish vibe to it and reminds me of sci-fi movies. I really love its rhythm.

    Erotic Heat by Jlin
    I think that Jlin is one of the best beat makers around and this song is one of her best works. It has a very unpredictable beat structure and all of that makes sense when you immerse yourself in the vibe.

    Heterocetera by Lotic
    This song introduced me to a new genre of music. I never knew underground rap, electronic music and IDM could be mixed together before I listened to Lotic. This has a
    strong, menacing sound which I like a lot.


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