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    There is a genre of content on radio thata��s performing quietly and successfully. Early-bird listeners find devotional/spiritual shows therapeutic. The content is a hit in a region like Tamil Nadua��which is also the land of temples, making it a perfect match. I caught up with the diva of devotional, Devasena. Her show, Devraagam, on 98.3 is a pleasant listening experience and I wanted to find out more.

    How has the response been to devotional content?
    Ita��s been pretty amazing. A lot of people like to start their day not just with filter coffee, but also with a dash of devotion. There are people whoa��ve said a�?when I hear the Shasthi Kavachanam on your show and Ia��ve not yet begun work in the kitchen, I know Ia��m running latea��. It could be a tea stall owner or someone taking their morning walk, it is heartening to know theya��re starting their day with you.

    How do you prepare for such a show?
    My prep is very collaborative. RJ Vijay helps me a great deal to get the show on air. I also have experts like astrologer Kaliyur Narayan and Revathy Shankaran who give us truck loads of information. I have listenersa��like Kodambakam Haria��who will painstakingly send me pages of information theya��ve collected. I feel blessed.

    How has your radio journey been?
    Ita��s been a very fulfilling journey. It has enriched my life. Ia��ve hosted different shows, worked as an executive producer, won an RAPA award, gained inroads into more voice work, and made great professional contacts and friends. Radio is a very powerful medium, yet it humbles you.

    Given a chance, how would you design a soundscape?
    I dona��t think there is one formula that will cater to everyone. But if I were designing it for myself, my choice of music will be melodious and peppy numbers. For the RJ talk, I would go with intelligent humour.

    Catch the wonderful Devasena on Devraagam only on Radio Mirchi.


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