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    There is a genre of content on radio that’s performing quietly and successfully. Early-bird listeners find devotional/spiritual shows therapeutic. The content is a hit in a region like Tamil Nadu—which is also the land of temples, making it a perfect match. I caught up with the diva of devotional, Devasena. Her show, Devraagam, on 98.3 is a pleasant listening experience and I wanted to find out more.

    How has the response been to devotional content?
    It’s been pretty amazing. A lot of people like to start their day not just with filter coffee, but also with a dash of devotion. There are people who’ve said ‘when I hear the Shasthi Kavachanam on your show and I’ve not yet begun work in the kitchen, I know I’m running late’. It could be a tea stall owner or someone taking their morning walk, it is heartening to know they’re starting their day with you.

    How do you prepare for such a show?
    My prep is very collaborative. RJ Vijay helps me a great deal to get the show on air. I also have experts like astrologer Kaliyur Narayan and Revathy Shankaran who give us truck loads of information. I have listeners—like Kodambakam Hari—who will painstakingly send me pages of information they’ve collected. I feel blessed.

    How has your radio journey been?
    It’s been a very fulfilling journey. It has enriched my life. I’ve hosted different shows, worked as an executive producer, won an RAPA award, gained inroads into more voice work, and made great professional contacts and friends. Radio is a very powerful medium, yet it humbles you.

    Given a chance, how would you design a soundscape?
    I don’t think there is one formula that will cater to everyone. But if I were designing it for myself, my choice of music will be melodious and peppy numbers. For the RJ talk, I would go with intelligent humour.

    Catch the wonderful Devasena on Devraagam only on Radio Mirchi.


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