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Sound engineer Jaigopal Shankaran explains why bands like Euphoria are heading his way

One does not necessarily need expensive studios to record songs. Jaigopal Shankaran from Pondicherry has a sound studio and a space for live bands to perform. Sound GardenA� also provides stage equipment to bands, stage shows and events. a�?Most of the cultural events at colleges like Spandan by JIPMER are completely handled by us. We have also worked with bands like Avial, the band at Great Lakes, and Mount Carmel. Even the DJ parties are done by us. We provideA� the amplifier, mikes, speakers, etc,a�? says Shankaran, 45. He says his recording studio is a relief to many as, a�?Pondicherry does not have a space where bands can perform and record. I built my own studio to help bands. Last month we had Euphoria recording the second edition of Demetris. Even Chennai-based bands like Grey Shack come here quite often. Wea��ve had Zinx, Anirudh Ravichandrana��s former band work with us,a�? says Shankaran, a guitarist himself, with a band that broke up few months ago. a�?Any new band that wants equipment, look no further. We are the official dealers for brands like Yamaha and Audio Gear,a�? shares Shankaran, adding,a�?I didna��t know I was interested in sound. I went to Bangalore catering college, then realised I had no interest in cooking. So I started helping sound guys during events and slowly climbed the ladder.a�?

His studio is at Muthumariaman Street and he charges bands Rs2,000 for an hour. Details: 9944411903


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