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    One man, two stories and an assurance to keep children in splits

    One of the many things that Krishna Kumar Santhanagopalana��better known as KK, the founder-artistic director of Masquerade Theatrea��is interested in is taking theatre to the young. His newest attempt is Jungle Bungles, a solo performance created for children between seven and 12, which combines theatre and storytelling. a�?This is a great age group to narrate stories to because their imagination is beyond measure,a�? he says.
    Though tightlipped about the two tales of a�?misadventures and misdemeanoursa��, he does let slip that the stories deal with the consequences you face when you try to take the easy way out. a�?Ia��ve selected stories from different countries like India and Germany, and I have re-imagined them in such a way that they provide space for physical movement and voice variations. They will be loved by both children and adults alike,a�? he assures.
    With no sets, props or music, Santhanagopalan states it will be just him, the stage and the audience. a�?I dona��t want to restrict the childrena��s imagination with sets and properties. Moreover, good storytelling doesna��t need any materials,a�? he smiles, adding that he might take the help of his stage crew if the story requires additional voices. While he will bring in mimicry, mime and other theatrical techniques wherever needed (a�?I will improvise depending on how the audience reacts and their energy levelsa�?), he says he will also keep the performance interactive by occasionally posing questions to the kids.
    June 27-28, at Spaces, from at 7.15 pm. Free entry. Details: 42158062

    Aishwarya Valliappan


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