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    In its 18th edition, Global Adjustmentsa�� Beautiful Indian Expatriate Photo Competition, introduces a new category, Black and White

    For 18 years, besides providing relocation solutions to expat families including cross cultural training Global Adjustments has been celebrating the art of photography through their annual competition. Every year the organisation invites the expat community of the city to submit photographs they have taken over the period of their stay here, for their Beautiful Indian Expatriate Photo Competition. The pictures are sorted under several categories before being judged, in fact this year has over 1,000 photographs sent in by around 80 participants from 20 different nationalities, informs Ranjini Manian, CEO and founder of Global Adjustments.

    And while the winners for each category will be announced in a ceremony at Crowne Plaza this Sunday, the difficult task of choosing the best pictures was taken up by the head of the American International School, Andrew Hoover, along with celebrated dancer Alarmel Valli and Manian herself. a�?I met Ranjini Manian when I first came to Chennai five years ago and Ia��ve known the competition since,a�? says Hoover, who has been in India for a total of 11 years now. a�?Many of the parents and faculty at the school submit their pictures for the competition,a�? he adds.
    To Hoover, going through those 1,000 pictures was an insight into how differently people look at the city. a�?Every single picture was an interesting experience. It was somebodya��s idea about the place we live in,a�? he says, admitting that hea��s an armchair photographer. a�?In the age of the smartphone, I take pictures only to capture a moment,a�? he smiles. Valli on the other hand, draws a similarity between the art of photography and dance. a�?The way a photographer choreographs space and the subject, to evoke emotion and offer a new awareness of the subject, is similar in some ways, to dance,a�? says the follower of Culturama (monthly magazine published by Global Adjustments), adding that the cover pages of their magazine never fail to catch her attention.

    The photographs submitted for Global Adjustmentsa�� Beautiful Indian Expatriate Photo Competition will be on display at Crowne Plaza between 10 am to 1 pm. Entry by invitation only. Details: 24617902

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