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If POP rock melodies and nuanced guitar work is your kind of Sunday morning, then you must wake yourself up with Prateek Kuhad this weekend. Following the release of his EP, Raat Raazi, in 2013, the Delhi-based singer-songwriter carved himself a niche in the indie music world. And it wasna��t long before that he decided to take on music as a career. a�?In early 2013, I decided to get into music full time. Ia��d just left New York to move back to India. In the beginning, it was mostly about how to keep yourself occupied. There werena��t a lot of gigs or projects happening. So it was all about staying disciplined and honing my craft,a�? he begins, adding that his music, which he describes as indie-folk/pop, is influenced by Elliott Smith a�� the American singer-songwriter known for his whispery vocals.
Now, as part of the Monkey Bar Breakfirst Shift, Kuhad brings his trademark tunes, and latest album In Token & Charms, released earlier this year. More at home in his studio, than on stage, the singer says that while there is some truth to lyrics, they are strung together by fiction. He also believes that a song a�?to an extent is never really finisheda��. a�?Sometimes a song stays the same for a while, then one year later I might change a line of lyric here, make a minor melody change or completely change the arrangement or sound of the song,a�? says the fan of Irish singer, Hozier.
Expect his laid-back songs to set the tone for the Sunday in his solo, acoustic act. Plus, favourites from In Token and Charms, especially Flames and Go. And while he may prefer the studio to the stage, his warmth exuding music is likely to strike a chord with you through his light folk-pop tunes live too.

Sunday, 10 am
at Monkey Bar, 12th Main, Indiranagar. Details: 44114455


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