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MTVa��s new channel will showcase independent musicians from across India

The early 90s was a great time for MTV India, as they created a stir with their reality show Bakra by Cyrus Broacha, and music videos. Gradually, the channel switched to fiction shows and Bollywood music, with independent music taking a backseat. Thata��s whyA� MTV Indie is going to come as a pleasant surprise. Dedicated to independent artistes, the new channel has programming spanning street art, stand-up, filmmaking and fashion. a�?Youth today are seeking newer experiences, either through gigs, concerts, discovering new music through digital environments or sharing playlists with each other etc,a�? says Sumeli Chatterjee, head of marketing, MTV India. The young and talented will be promoted not only through the channel but through mobile, web and live platforms. a�?a�?Our website allows you to create and share playlists, the live stage will showcase new talent,a�? she says.

The 24-hour channel aims to target the digitally connected youth who are always on the lookout for something new. a�?Wea��re talking about people who are hooked to the world wide web to discover cool experiences, who ensure that they experience music at all the hottest gigs around town, who queue up for passes to various music festivals that are mushrooming around the country,a�? says Chatterjee.

Meanwhile, artists like Rabbi Shergill and Raghu Dixit are delighted with the new entrant.A� a�?I think independent musicians have waited for a long time for this. Though EDM and other genres have come up, I do not think indie music will ever go out of fashion,a�? says Shergill. He observes that Punjab, West Bengal and Assam have a vibrant music scene. a�?When I started performing seven years ago, MTV stopped playing indie music. The relaunch is like a second chance for me. They are bringing back the M in MTV,a�? concludes Dixit.

MTV Indie launched last week.

– Mrinalini Sundar


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