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    From beetroot chips to fig flaps, these new age snacks make for ideal munchies on the go
    Whoever said snacking was bad? If you are wearing the healthy halo, the right
    kind of snacks can actually aid your diet. As Indians join the bandwagon of healthy eating and beyond, home grown companies are breaking the stereotypical Indian snack
    options and offering more variety than ever before. Available at gourmet stores and online avenues, you can curb your cravings with our pick of grazing options that are
    trending for all the right reasons.

    Text: Preeti GT

    Amaranth & Chia seeds Energy Bar @ YogaBars
    Anandita and Suhasini Sampathkumara��s YogaBars come in six variants, claiming a profile of natural ingredients that set them apart from the rest. Filled with amaranth and chia seeds, nuts, oats and more superfoods, there is no trace of sugar or artificial colours and preservatives. With only about 150 calories per 40gms, the Coconut-Cardamom variant is a top choice as a snack or a low calorie meal replacement. Other indulgent flavours include Vanilla-Almond and Chocolate Brownie. Priced from `30 onwards.
    Details: yogabars.in

    Strawberry Wasabi Roasted Peas @ Snackosaur
    With a passionate interest to get Indians snacking healthy, Ankita and Vinayak Mehta came up with Indiaa��s first snacking subscription theme, curated by in-house nutritionists. Available pan-India via a la carte options or through
    subscription boxes, their range includes Dehydrated Fruit Trail Mix (with Goji berries, kiwi, cranberry and papaya), Roasted Edamame Beans or Strawberry Wasabi-
    flavoured Roasted Peas and even traditional Indian munchies with a twist like JalapeA�o seasoned Peanuts and Wasabi-flavoured Green Moong Gram. Priced from `299 onwards. Details: snackosaur.com

    Kale Chips @ Green Snack Company
    Yes, kale can be lust-worthy. And you can thank Jasmine Kaura��s Green Snack Company, for introducing this US staple in lip-smacking flavours. Dehydrated in special imported machines, the kale and its powerhouse of nutrients are kept intact, and the versatile vegetable gets a makeover in handcrafted dressings like Cheese and Onion, Thai Sweet Chilli and SeaSalt-Vinegar. The air-dried chips showcase the leafy wonder, sans sugar, additives or preservatives, and have a comfortable shelf life of two months. Priced from `200 onwards. Details: thegreensnackco.com and delivered via thegourmetbox.in

    Amla Bar @ Nourish Organic
    Available at the store in Gopalapuram and online, an array of organic snacks features forgotten seeds, oils and ingredients. Their Amla bar provides a daily dose of Vitamin C, complete with honey, almonds and pumpkin seeds. We particularly like the Ginger-Clove bar sweetened with dates and spiked with nuts and cinnamon. Also try the Puffed Brown Rice mix. Priced from `70 onwards. Details: nourishorganicfoods.com

    Beetroot chips @ Foodhall
    Beetroot-chipsFoodhalla��s oven-baked Beetroot Chips will be your BFF thanks to their addictive taste with less than a quarter the calories of regular crisps. Their peanut butter and banana yoghurt parfait with hung curd and granola, packed in easy carry-on cups is another all-day snack. Also try Foodhalla��s Baked Sesame-Paprika Lavash Crisps and their trio of roasted mixed seeds with Pumpkin, Sunflower and Flax seeds. The store also stocks FinnCrippa��s Baked Rye Chips. Priced from `100.
    Details: 22086533

    Also try
    ? Brown Tree: This Chennai chain is a treasure trove of low calorie snacks that include roasted Jowar, Bajra and Ragi sticks, Flaxseed Chikki and more. Details: browntree.in

    ? Naturea��s Basket: Best pick include Mangajoa��s Goji or Acai Berry-Green Tea Iced Tea, Healthy Alternativea��s Roasted Sunflower Seeds and even salted and roasted Watermelon Seeds. Details: naturesbasket.co.in

    ? Nuts N Spices: From the popular and even dominating Singapore snack brand Tong Garden, the salty and slightly bitter seaweed cashew nuts are a refreshing change. Paired with wasabi for a fiery hit, you could even opt for the more exclusive Macadamia nuts from the same company. `120 for 150 grams at Gourmet, MG Road. Details: 41474689
    Fig Flaps @ Nibble Box
    Approved by international nutritionist and a Bollywood favourite Luke Coutinho, Ishita Sharma and Peeyush Guptaa��s Nibble Box makes subscription snack boxes that include over 100 varieties of baked snacks. Deliverable pan-India, pick up to four snacks every week, and make sure you include the bestsellers like Pumpkin Pie breakfast cookies, spicy trail mix with an exotic spice blend or even their no-sugar natural Choco-Hazelnut Granola Bar and Date bars. Their magnum opus, however, is the soft, chewy, Fig Flaps made of Sorghum flour, figs and cranberries. Priced from `999 onwards. Details: thenibblebox.com

    Jamun Chips
    Jamun-Juice@ Cheeni Kum
    A division of Bengalurua��s Anand Sweets, Cheeni Kum is located in Bengalurua��s Old Airport Road, and has become a hub for the health conscious and even the diabetic. With over 400 varieties of snacks (100 of which are roasted), their bestseller is their Jamun Chips a�� dehydrated with mild preservatives and without salt or sugar. Equally fascinating is their array of roasted bajra/jowar khakhra and bakharwadi. Their ragi/soya bean ladoo and flax seed-amla ladoo, sweetened with natural dates and fig, tick all the right boxes as a low-fat snack. Priced from `200 onwards. Details: 41311128

    Buckwheat Cocoa Crisps @ TerraEarth
    A popular brand from Chennai, Terra Eartha��s latest offering is the raw, grain-free Buckwheat Cocoa Crisps that also contain ragi and flaxseeds. It can even double up as breakfast cereal soaked in almond milk. Another must-try is their luscious red Almond-Beet bites made of organic cashews, almonds and beetroot. Let your kids also relish their tasty range of pick-me-up juices; Spinach-Pineapple and Beetroot-Tender Coconut. Priced from `100 onwards. Details: 9940638931, facebook.com/TerraEarthFood


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