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    Priyadarshini Rao celebrates many shades of blue at Collage with nature-inspired dresses, pants and cover-ups

    Priyadarshini raoPRIYADARSHINI RAO, known for her earthy colours, natural fabrics and easy lines, will always have takers in sultry Chennai. So when we heard about her visit to Collage next week, we had to investigate. This time, Rao is bringing her Autumn/Winter 2014 line, Ode to Indigo, featuring overshirts, overdresses, roomy pants, no-fuss dresses and tunics. There are sheer and dreamy fabrics like silks, chanderis, chiffons, georgette and fabrics, with antique details and tissue effect. With only about 100 pieces in all, and given her popularity, most of will be gone if you arena��t quick on your feet
    Coming of age
    Scheduled to be in the store on Thursday, Rao says putting this collection together was a a�?a�?meditativea��a�� experience. a�?a�?It is a line that did not seek intervention. It was about what I believed in, in terms of fabrics, silhouettes and the overall look. I hope to work in a similar fashion from here,a��a�� she explains about the a�?coming of agea�� line. At the recent Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai, where it made a debut, references ranged from a�?mountainsa�� to a�?free-spirited expressiona�� and Rao admits that her summer travel was the starting point. a�?a�?I had made a few trips to the Himalayas, to places like Binsar, Corbett, Dharamsala. The peace and tranquility were what I tasted first and I needed to recreate that in my work a�� the lakes, layers of clouds, the light drenched in blues.a��a��
    Priyadarshini-Rao-LFW-21Sheer treatment
    The collection sees muls and chanderis getting the antique treatment, with a festive sheen. Some fabrics have got the a�?crinkled tissuea�� effect. a�?a�?I am partial to natural fabrics and always use these,a��a��admits Rao, adding that the urge to experiment with surface textures continues. a�?a�?We wash all our fabrics for a soft lived in feel. And this season wea��ve experimented with computer embroidery that is almost embedded into the fabric,a��a�� she shares. The prints too take inspiration from the lakes and mountains. a�?a�?One print is an ornamental take on clouds, another has deep charcoal and indigo with floating leaves, and yet another borrows from pebbles and small streams,a��a�� continues the Mumbai designer who manages the roles of mum (has a young daughter), designer and entrepreneur. She suggests a�?a�?leather mary janes, a great satchel and embroidered beltsa��a�� for a global feel to her clothes. While we can think of many uses for the sheer over-coats this season a�� with saris and long dresses as seen on the runway a�� Rao visualises them a�?a�?dressing up a simple singlet and jeans, or even a short dress for drama.a��a��
    Road to Chennai
    Working with extremes, she alludes to the desert theme inA� her next line. a�?a�?I am smitten by the deserts now and hope to travel to the Rann of Kutch this December. Somnath, Gir, Bhuj hopefully will be my inspiration for the next season,a��a�� shares the designer who has managed to meet several interesting women on her short trips here. a�?a�?They are travellers like me, who love to dress up too. I love the food in Chennai and I love your humility and intellectual traits. I also love the road that takes me to Pondicherry!a��a�� she concludes.
    From Nov 20 a�� 22. Prices from `5,000 to `28,000. Details: 28291443

    Costliest pair
    Raoa��s favourite is a long tunic that explores the tranquility, colour and freedom of the mountains. a�?a�?This to me is the best imitation of the mountains,a��a�� she reveals. At least 15 to 16 shades are seen in the line, a�?a�?with a little bit of cheating, where wea��ve introduced lake greens, a jade sky and so on.a��a��
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