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    After-dark-walkway-5Meanwhile, both shopaholics and the crafts conscious in Coimbatore were treated to all things handmade last weekend. From Athepooa��s traditional wooden toys to clay jewellery with glass pendants recycled from beer bottlesa��and so nicely done, you would never have imagined ita��to palm leaf baskets, intricately woven flower garlands, indigo kaftans with panther print and more, there was something for everyone to take home.

    Screen printing kits at Rs 350 were a steal, as were the Ramayan and Birbal puppets from Sahayam Trust in Ponneri, the After-dark-walkway-2Haathi Chaap elephant dung accessories and more. In the evening, as the young fusion band, Avyaktha, treated the crowds to jazz and Indian beats, happy shoppers were seen digging into Thai cakes and chocolate brownies. Serious foodies went home with bottles of McIver strawberry preserve and passion fruit juice, a Coonoor speciality, tucked under their arms.


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