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    Anaheeta and Deepak Pinto give waste a higher purpose

    TOP a tastefully decorated home, Anaheeta and Deepak Pinto haveA� created a terrace garden with a difference. Industrial scraps taken from Deepaka��s precision engineering factory are brought into an organic green zone to be upcycled into everything from planters to wall-hangings, lights and even the frame of their vertical garden. We take you through this deviously simple garden.
    Up a flight of wooden stairs in their elegant duplex, past a living room with an olive green wall of family photos and memorabilia and into a fascinating rooftop area we went, where terracotta tiles, white walls and scarred teakwood pillars create an ideal earthy backdrop.

    HDFull35Lay of the land
    Oversized azure petrochemical drums-turned-tree saplings planters give you the first glimpse of their little project. a�?My driver and I cut them out ourselves,a�? begins Anaheeta, a free-lance copywriter. Parts of a pilota��s seat become frames that hold cutting chai glasses and in turn become LED light holders. Base rails of an MRI machine table, become angular light pendants. A lovely Mediterranean-style bar in white gets an upcycled makeover as metallic scissors, originally designed to lift an MRI table, go criss-crossing across the front a�� adding a touch of modern to the classic gray granite top. a�?I believe in giving a sense of value to something that is seemingly valueless,a�? she tells us, citing how she has even turned old dupattas into blinds and vintage saris into wall-hangings.
    Softening this space, are the bougainvilleas that cascade down from the partial terrace from inside azure drums along the white rails. The finishing touch to the bar is in the lights. Made from the grills of a locomotive engine, they are mounted onto a broad metal base with the lights cleverly attached to the inner lining. Across from the bar, the unusual vertical garden caught our attention. Suspended from a large metal frame, was an asymmetric array of planters and potholders.

    Special features
    Anaheeta now points to her garden benches, a�?At one point, theseA� were in every public park in the city. Now, they have all been replaced by plastic models.a�? AndA� how did these carved benches from our childhood end up in her garden? a�?I was driving past one of the parks when I saw them being thrown out. I stopped and asked if I could have two of them and was looked at incredulously and told, a�?But ita��s waste!a�� My driver and I picked them up and brought them home. A little cement casting was all it took to restore them perfectly,a�? she enthuses, and we couldna��t agree more.

    Every part of this garden has a story of its own. From the ducks crafted out of bamboo roots to their a�?pouf of lawna�? a�� a patch of lawn grass planted inside a cement planter, because as Anaheeta explains, a�?If it doesna��t have a story, it doesna��t belongA� here.a�?

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