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    Every Radio station should have an in-house psychologist. Now I dona��t mean to say that everyone at a radio unit has a neurological disorder. However, I would like to point out after many years of observation, there is more than a hundred per cent chance that if you were recruited today into a radio unit you will be surrounded by a few who have bumped their heads into something at some point in their lives. That said, individuals with head injuries should be carefully looked after, maybe even given a padded room to work in so that no harm is caused to them. Often youa��d find one soul at a radio station who becomes the unofficial shrink but treating so many patients at the same time on a daily basis can turn out to be quite a task.

    Apart from the music, campaigns and fanfare that every radio unit brings to their listeners ita��s always interesting to get a sneak peek of whata��s happening behind the scenes. It can be fun for those who love to brace for impact. But for those who have a perception that radio is like a temple of music, then join the medium as there will be many who would leave you in splits because of their comic timing. Russell Peters should visit at least one station in India, the next time hea��s here. Ia��m sure there will be a lot that he can put on his routine. So why are people with their top storeya��s malfunctioning allowed into radio units? The answer to that is in-depth research done by the ones who recruit as they probably believe ita��s important to have a few hecklers in the crowd as that would keep the good souls on their feet. One needs to award these individuals who have come out with such a strategy!

    Medication for contracting insanity from a radio station is rare and practically hard to source but the effects of the madness disappear once you leave a radio station. So, there is always hope of normalcy, in good time.

    See you soon Bangalore with more radio talk!

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