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    The Mystery behind Jane Doea��s tattoos onA�Blind spot

    WEa��VE seen a lot of strong female characters take charge on TV. Blindspota��s Jane Doe, played by actress Jaimie Alexander, is ready to join the club. On the crime drama, Alexander plays a heavily tattooed woman whoa��s lost her memory, but one tattoo has the name of FBI agent Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) inked across her. In fact, each tattoo contains a clue to a crime they will have to solve. Alexander lets us in on this mysterious plot, and ink.

    Doea��s relationship with Weller.
    Jane doesna��t have the memory of her past, but only her intuition. This guya��s name is tattooed on her back, so she feels she has to stay close to him because he might have some answers.

    Is romance on the cards?
    Ita��s not a love interest right away. Whata��s really going to happen is that hea��s going to aid her in finding out who she is and shea��s going to aid him in opening up a little bit, because hea��s got a lot of dark secrets.

    Do you enjoy wearing these tattoos?
    Some people get claustrophobic in them, but I like them. My poor stunt girl, whoa��s been with me for way too long, cannot stand them. She says, a�?I cannot believe youa��re making me do this.a�? I keep telling her, a�?You had to wear a double corset on Thor. Relax, ita��s not that bad.a�?

    Would you be interested in keeping any of the tattoos?
    I have nine of my own tattoos that have been covered or incorporated into the designs for Jane Doe. The producers said to me, a�?Just dona��t get any more for a while.a�? I told them, a�?Ia��m not; I think Ia��ll be satisfied with this full body ofA�tattoos for the show.a�?
    Premieres on March 1, 7 pm on Colors Infinity
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