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Muvizz.com givesA�independent filmmakers the opportunity to reach out to their audiences directly

Just when you thought independent filmmakers in India will always have it rough, comes a platform that strives to give them something worth celebrating. Muvizz.com, an online channel for aspiring filmmakers, was established for just that a�� to give the indie filmmakers of India, and even

other countries, to reach out to their audiences without having to go through a complicated process of selection.
Founder of the company, Abhayanand Singh explains, a�?When multiplexes came about, there was a general cheer in the film fraternity that independent filmmakers would now get the opportunity to showcase their films to a larger audience. But over the years, these multiplexes too favoured mainstream cinema. Then came the digital age where again there was hope for these indie filmmakers, but therea��s still a gap between them and their audiences. We founded Muvizz to bridge that gap.a�?
In simple term, Muvizz is a streaming website, a lot like Netflix, even though ita��s currently in its nascent stage. a�?We have a library of independent films across
languages a�� Hindi, English, regional films, and some foreign ones too,a�? Singh explains, adding, a�?All these films are curated; we have a committee that reviews these films and approves them for the website. We are also open to independent filmmakers approaching us to host their films, which will of course be reviewed by the panel first.a�?
The idea is to also make the audiences aware of films that hardly get talked about. a�?Take for example the film Court by Chaitanya Tamhane. No one had heard of it till it went for the Oscar nominations. There are many such similar films that deserve a much better platform, and people need to be informed about them,a�? he says.
Apart from streaming films,
the website will also be a media for cinephiles to discuss films. One
can follow other members and get recommendations from them, or simply open up discussions to
talk about cinema. a�?We would also like to focus on current issues, and will open conversations online, linked with a film of course,a�? Singh adds.
At present one can either view few of the films that are available for free, or get a subscription to watch any number of films in a month, or even opt for the pay per view option where one literally rents the film for about 72 hours to watch it online. a�?We are constantly working towards upgrading our technology. We are also launching our app within a month as well,a�? he says.

Details: muvizz.com
a�� Priyadarshini Nandy


Of nannies & pennies

The singer takes the cake on the internet, as two men follow suit

This week has been fairly interesting for internet junkies as we came across some fascinating videos. Singer Adele, and actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt shed their personalities, and talk show host John Oliver talked about how pennies dona��t make sense anymore…
Conned and how!
Adele is definitely the flavour of the season as a week or so ago she tricked a group of her superfans by hosting an Adele look-alike contest. The catch? She too was a participant! Adele of course got a nose and chin job done (read: prosthetics to the rescue), as she and Graham Norton managed to pull it off for a while, till everyone figured out the real voice, and the fake nose on the woman! This video went viral over last weekend with more than 23 million views!
Lip service
Joseph Gordon-Levitt can make anything go viral a�� hea��s cool like that! And this time around Spikea��s Lip Sync Battle comes back to the forefront, all thanks to this suave actor. Anthony Mackie performs a neat lip sync of 2 Legit 2 Quit, till Gordon-Levitt stole his thunder by resorting to a Janet Jackson persona and performed to her 1989-wonder Rhythm Nation. This video has about 1,105,695 views already!
Coin a lot
If you dona��t love John Oliver yet, you ought to watch more of him. His Last Week Tonight show where he talks about the pennies being the worst thing ever, and how everyone loathes having to shuffle those copper coins around got over 1,45,000 views hours within it went online on Monday. And Olivera��s only question is: why does the US Mint still produce those coins, when no one ever wants it!


Money matters

Now, cut down your mobile expenses by 25-35 per cent with BillBachao

Most of us are often clueless about our mobile expenses. a�?Did I not recharge only yesterday?a�? is a question that hits us precisely when our phone runs of out of balance. Telecom veterans Nilanjan Mukherjee and Arvind Rao are addressing this very issue through their venture BillBachao, which officially went live with its app a month-and-a-half-ago. Currently available for Android smartphones, the app allows you to track your mobile bills as well as reduce them down by 25-35 per cent by recommending the best mobile plans (across the segments of voice call, SMS and Internet usage) in the telecom circle you are part of.
Mukherjee, president of the Mumbai-based startup, tells us how it works. a�?It will show you a list of plans that are most suited for you in a particular circle, across different mobile operators. This is based on the history of your mobile usage. So you can analyse and switch to a new mobile connection. Then, it will list out an ideal set of tariff plans if you were to switch from, leta��s say, prepaid to postpaid, without changing the network provider. Lastly, we recommend you the cheapest mobile plans in your circle, irrespective of the
It is applicable to both prepaid and postpaid users. After installing the app, you need to enter your phone number and the service area you stay in. In just 10 seconds, thanks to a robust data analytics system in place, the app gets back to you with a bouquet of personalised plans. BillBachao also notifies the status of your mobile plans from time to time.
Details: billbachao.com
a�� Barkha Kumari


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