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The branda��s new products turn invasive cosmetic treatments into topical creams

Beauty is no longer a luxury, ita��s a lifestyle. Keeping that in mind is Avon, with its cutting-edge, patented products. a�?Most people ignore skincareA� on a daily basis and then want quick fixes from doctors and plastic surgeons. Avona��s products are in tune with these invasive treatments,a�? says cosmetologist Mohit Narang, who recently joined the brand as its skincare expert.

Skin doctor

Like the brand new Anew Vitale line. a�?A protein called Stress Protein 1 is key to keeping our matrix skin proteins strong,a�? explains Narang. a�?Avona��s ProEnergy Complexa��the base for the Vitale linea��is formulated to stimulate the production of SP1.a�?

The brand is also proud of their Anew 360A� White Skincare Range. a�?Our palms have something called Palm Sustaining Protein, which suppresses melanocyte growth and pigment production, making it whiter. The 360A� topical cream boosts your skina��s PSP levels,a�? says Narang. Also on shelves is theA-F33. a�?Based on Nobel Prize-winning research, Amino Fill 33 does away with collagen blockers, giving you younger, firmer skin in just six days,a�? he says.

Freezing fat

Narang has been key in bringing new trends to the country. a�?I introduced mesotherapy in India as well as advanced skin treatments like caviar DNA deposit, stem cell treatments and injectable lipolysis,a�? he says. When asked about the latest fad abroad, he promptly lists cryolipolysis. a�?Also called cool sculpting, it is controlled cooling of subcutaneous fat. So when the bodya��s temperature is brought back to normal, the fat melts away.a�? From Rs. 499 onwards. Details: in.avon.com

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