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This e-gallery cuts the clutter, and brings you best of art

The story of Eikowa started at Vaishnavi Muralia��s Delhi home in 2014. She was looking for a painting for her living room, but did not know where to go to, who to contact, or if the artwork was worth the money. Murali also happens to be a hobby painter, so she knows ita��s difficult for budding artists to get a break. The galleries supporting new artists are far and few, and others are expensive.
So last December, Murali, a former sales and marketing executive, devised an all-encompassing solution with Eikowa a�� an online gallery that sells original, and well-appreciated art from across the country, a�?which is worth the investmenta�?. Shea��s recently added the portfolio of a Vietnamese artist, and plans to get more Southeast Asian artists on board. Watch out for the upcoming a�?Art with Liquid Metala�� feature, where Singaporean artist Allen Jansen will add rustic metal finish to your old furniture.
What makes Eikowa different from plenty of other e-galleries, many of which are no longer operational, is the fact that the company is extremely cautious of its selection process. One, they sell paintings by artists who have more than a decade of experience. And two, exceptional works of a few budding painters are also available but they are chosen on the basis of their exhibitions, art galleries they have displayed at, and technicalities such as their concept, composition, and balance. And a team of four to five artists, and collectors, has worked together to curate the entire catalogue of the current 85 exhibitors on Eikowa. The curation process is Eikowaa��s USP, says Murali. And the stock (50-100 pieces) is updated every few weeks. Since there is no dearth of a�?wall spacea�? in e-galleries, the collection will increase with time. Some of the participating artists include JMS Mani, Stanley Suresh, Manu Thomas Kalarikkal, and Biplab Biswas.
Muralia��s team in Bengaluru also blogs about artists, and paintings on the site to help potential buyers make an informed decision. The 28-year-old explains: a�?If you look inside the homes of people who have higher disposable income, they have the best of marble, granite and teak, but not art. Also, a lot of youngsters have started investing in homes at the age of 28, but again art doesna��t feature on their list. A painting is an investment as well, but people are sadly not aware of its importance.a�?
`5,000-`30 lakh. Details: eikowa.com
a�� Barkha Kumari


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