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    Live your film and television fantasies at these quirky themed eateries across the globe

    Forget Central Perk from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or Diagon Alley from the
    Harry Potter series, as a new crop of cafes from your favourite shows and movies come to life. Be it 221B Baker Street in Shanghai or Pandorica in Beacon, NY, pack your bags and set off on a ride that will see you really get into
    character. a�� Aakanksha Devi and Rashmi Rajagopal

    Crime afoot
    Claim to fame: Sherlock
    USP: The Moriarty a�� A sinfully strong coffee topped with vanilla ice cream and Sherlock-themed costumes

    If you thought 221B Baker Street was in London, check again, because this Sherlock Holmes-themed cafe is situated in the heart of Shanghaia��s French Quarter (called French Concession). Designed to look like Holmes and Watsona��s shared apartment, the place features Victorian-esque details such as brocade curtains apart from morbid articles like a skull, a pipe, and a microscope (for Holmesa�� forensic examinations, perhaps?). While there, be sure to check out the memorabilia wall that stocks the mini-series-themed merchandise, such as miniature dolls of Martin Freeman as Dr Watson. You can also click pictures with the props if you wish and munch on sandwiches and tea cakes. At 50 Ruijin, 2nd Road (Gaolan Road). Flights to Shanghai start at `37,000. Details: facebook.com/pages/221b-Baker-Street

    Going Downton
    Claim to fame: Downton Abbey
    USP: A decadent breakfast fit for the Crawleys

    Right out of Grantham Estate, The
    Criterion at Londona��s Piccadilly Circus is a great place to soak in the opulence of the Crawley familya��s fortunes. The restaurant forms the setting 0506GetawayNewDownton1where Lady Edith met Michael Gregson for a romantic dinner date. Apart from its connection to the addictive Downton Abbey, it is said to be the place where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle first imagined the meeting of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson and was also part of the film The Dark Knight. We encourage you to soak in the beauty of the gilded ceilings and the artistic tile work while lounging in plush chairs and tucking into the eaterya��s elaborate Grantham-style breakfast, which includes confit duck leg and fried egg waffle or French toast with Parma ham, peanut butter, a cinnamon crust and maple syrup. Flights to London start at `48,000. Details: criterionrestaurant.com


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