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    An innovative approach to art education helps children tap into their creativity

    Creativity, they say, is present in all that we do in our lives. While the ancient liberal and imaginative teaching system is always reminisced, in contrast, the contemporary educational curriculum has syllabi that limit creativity. Reason enough for Malaysia-based Mahair Goh to initiate the Globalart Programme under the Global Art Foundation.
    A qualified graphic designer who started his career as an art teacher, Goh says, ai???There are different ways to see things, only when ideas combine, do new ideas emerge and children realise there are multiple options to explore.ai??? It is with this thought of expanding childrenai??i??s perception and approach to learning that Goh set up 130 art education centres in 16 countries through his foundation. In India, there are centres spread across major cities in Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and in Delhi.
    Founded in 1999, The Global Art Foundation offers art education through four levels of training. Every level is a one year programme. A two-hour class every week conducted by an art teacher helps children learn the skill of ideation, composition and visualisation. ai???Our focus is to help children think through global art, thatai??i??s more idea-driven, unlike traditional art, where the focus is on the nuances of fine arts,ai??? explains Goh who was in India during the first week of November for the Kolor Champ 2016 competition. About 800 children from across India participated in this competition and winners will participate in the international competition that will be held in Guangzhou, China during the first week of December. Goh concludes saying, ai???Children need to be engaged through questions and answers, only when they understand the ai???whyai??? will they be able to create and find answers.ai???

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